tribute gifts

Give to honor or in memoriam for a friend or loved one. Please indicate below if you would like to dedicate your gift. Notifications available.


Many of our biggest projects on campus have been made possible by one-time gifts. A custom amount option is also available.


Check the box below make your gift every month. Sponsor a single student for $40/month or sponsor a classroom for $450/month.


For $40 a month you can sponsor a student at Nicaragua Christian School. You will receive a photo of the child you are sponsoring along with a picture or letter from them. Donate monthly or one-time annually at $480.


Our teachers salary is covered by a monthly donation of $450. 


To date, there are 175 students who have graduated from NCS and 160 of them have pursued higher education.  For $125 a month, you can sponsor a college student.  This amount covers their tuition, books, and transportation to and from campus.  The money is given to a committee on the NCS campus who oversee the college scholarship program.  The committee distributes the money as needed.  The scholarship students are required to meet with the committee on an monthly basis and do community service hours at the school or church on the school campus.

mCcrary legacy fund

In 2005, David and Brenda McCrary were in Nicaragua on a medical mission when Brenda started noticing all the children who should have been in school. That simple observation led to countless acts of faith that resulted in what is today Nicaragua Christian School. David and Brenda are directly responsible for the phenomenal success of the school and for hundreds of children, parents, and neighbors being led to Christ. Their hard work, determination, faith, and tenacity are legendary. The NCS board has established the McCrary Legacy Fund as a way to honor David and Brenda by more firmly securing the future of Nicaragua Christian School.